The Workers’ College has developed a modern and usable set of facilities over the years. The aim of the facilities is to support the teaching and learning process. Staff at the College will assist learners make use of these facilities.

The Resource Center was established primarily to support the various educational programmes of the College. The degree students and participants doing the diplomas use the center for accessing information needed for their assignments and projects.


These computers have also been set up to facilitate training, develop computer skills, and conduct internet searches. Participants at the College are encouraged to make use of these facilities.

The Resource Center has a collection of books, media, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, teaching materials and audio-visual materials. It also offers access to a wide range of electronic resources such as e-journals, indexing and abstracting databases, websites and other web-based resources.

The content of material focuses on labour and labour-related disciplines including politics, economics, political economy, history, trade unionism, community and social development. The Computer center and the Resource center are closely linked as the Computer center has a bank of 25 computer stations with the state of the art technology which are used to source the electronic information from the Resource Center.