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Welcome to the Workers’ College, which is gearing up to commemorate its thirty-first anniversary this year. From a fledgling notion to a ground-breaking working-class educational institution, the organization has educated and prepared thousands of employees over this time period. To mark the beginning of a...
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Recognition of Prior Learning as ‘Radical Pedagogy’ The Case of Workers’ College in South Africa – final draft “We taught one another what we knew, discovering each other’s resourcefulness. We also learned how people with little or no formal education could not only themselves participate...
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In the year 2022, Workers’ College will be 31. A tremendous accomplishment in an ever-changing climate, taking a step back to reflect upon the past is important for planning for the future. Since its establishment, the Workers’ College has led the way in developing the...
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At the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – encompassing the rapid evolution of robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology, and the internet-of-things – one-fifth of the global population under the age of 25 resides in rapidly growing Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)....
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The Workers’ College attended the graduation ceremony of the LaRRI Labour Studies Diploma – class of 2013.
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22 Mar 2022
Recognition of Prior Learning as ‘Radical Pedagogy’
22 Mar 2022
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1 Feb 2022