Education Programmes

Worker-Focused, Needs-Based Education

The Workers College offers a variety of advanced certificate programmes. The College is gradually growing its offerings in terms of new programmes and qualifications. These are worker-focused and are need-based certificate programmes aimed at providing skills that will allow trade unions representatives and community leaders to perform effectively their duties as agents of social change. These programmes are as follows:

Labour Studies Programme

The Labour Studies Programme is structured as Higher Certificate in Labour Studies (HCLS). It aims at building the capacity of worker leaders and community activists on core skills needed to be able to effectively represent their fellow workers that are faced with workplace and community related issues.

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Labour Economics Certificate

The Labour Economics Programme is structured as Higher Certificate in Labour Economics (HCLE). The programme is premised on the ground that collective bargaining is fundamentally an economic activity that aims at improving workers conditions of work. It aims at developing workers’ representatives and community activists’ knowledge on workplace issues.

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The Labour Law Programme

Structured as an Advance Certificate in Labour Law, the programme is intended for senior or full-time shop stewards and union officials who deal with disputes and usually appear in disciplinary hearings, CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Court, and other related structures pitched at NQF level 6. The programme focuses on the procedural, substantive and juris prudence element of labour law. 

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The Industrial and Working Life Programme (IWLP)

The Industrial and Working Life Programme is a collaborative programme of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) and the Workers’ College SA. The programme aims at providing access to selected members of trade unions and community organisation access to a degree programme in Social Sciences with majors in Industrial Organisation and Labour Studies (IOLS) and Sociology.

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Advanced Certificate in Participatory
Action Research (ACPAR)

The advanced certificate in participatory Action Research seeks to understand the world by trying to change it, collaboratively and reflectively. ACPAR aims at building the capacity of workers and community members to be able to critically assess, understand, and stands as agent of social change and development in their workplace and communities. 

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Skills Development Facilitation (SDF)

The programme is designed to provide an outcomes-based practical theoretical and learning experience about Skills Development with specific reference to trade union organisations skills gaps and employment equity issues.

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The board plays an active role in College life and here too many  comrades have given selflessly of their time and knowledge in steering the ship. Amongst this grouping there have been a number of members who   require special mention for long and dedicated service.