Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This programme aims to redress inequities by providing adult learners with opportunities for learning. The model developed is one that specifically targets adults working in community based organisations, including trade unions, so as to build the capacity of individuals and groups within these organisations.

Thus the objectives are to:

  • recognise and validate the experiences and knowledge of adult learners, in other words recognition of prior learning (RPL), through the design, development and delivery of the diploma course;
  • ensuring that Elements of this approach are adapted and used in all the programmes of the Workers’ College.
  • affirm the value of learning that occurs in informal situations such as work, political struggles and community-based organisations through documentation and ensuring that it informs curriculum development initiatives;
  • develop and implement a certificated diploma programme for adult learners;
  • ensure that the programme is always relevant to their work and life experiences through continual monitoring and evaluation;
  • challenge and begin to break down the barriers to education for adult learners through systematic research;
  • begin to intervene in the policy process through advocacy and research

The Workers’ College, in adopting the concept and approach to RPL, is committed to :-

  • including the principles and practices of RPL into its education programmes, especially the diplomas
  • contributing to the establishment and coordination of an RPL network which advances the particular interpretation and practice of RPL to which the Workers’ College has subscribed.

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